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Caste System - An Exotic Concept

By Shyam Chand 

Book Excepts. Translation is mine.

 Exotic Origins of Varna and Caste System

Golvalkar writes, "Hindu people, they said, is the Virat Purush, the Almighty manifesting Himself. Though they did not use the word Hindu, it is clear from the following description of the Almighty in the Purush Sukta where it is stated that the Sun and the Moon are his eyes and the Stars and Skies are created from His Nabhi (naval) and Brahmin is the head, King hands, Vaishya the thighs and Shudra ae the feet. This means that the people who have this fourfold arrangement i.e. the Hindu People is our God."

Caste system is the most articulated hegemonic system in which parasites have been living on the sweat and blood of the producers. This system, the product of human ingenuity, 'divinely ordained', is the most undivinely graded degraded social structure, which has reduced a vast section of Hindu society to the status of dehumanised destitutes.

The genesis of caste system can be traced to Manusmriti drawing inspiration from interpolated Purush Sukta of Rig Veda. According to the Bhagwat Purana, there was "One Veda One God and One Caste."

Moreover, diction, enunciation, construction, meters, etc of Purush Sukta are different from those of Rig Veda. Eminent scholars have reached the conclusion that its incorporation is interpolation; an act of stuffing and stuffing is transparently transposition.

Purush Sukta was stuffed into Rig Veda which does not agree with the original Rig Veda (10.137.1):

Ye enlightened men, 

Uplift once more

The fallen and the degraded 

The lowly and the lorn.

Ye illustrious men,

Uplift him who has sinned

Help him to begin life anew.

In this respect, the essential teaching of the Rig Veda is not different from the Bible.

Manu must be a widely travelled man or he must have been in the touch with the people engaged in foreign trade. The doctrine of metempsychosis  was adopted by Roman warriors to encourage their soldiers to fight without any fear of death as souk did not die but would pass into another body at death. This theory in not Vedic.

Manu, it seems, had heavily borrowed from the Druids. Human sacrifices, belief in god, life of a recluse, retiring in forest in old age, ritual puriry, etc were the basic articles of faith of the Druids. In fact, our Brahmins are the replicas of first cousins of Druids.

The Brahmanic orientation of Hindu society, different from the Vedic tradition, has grown over millennia into a hydra-headed monster which all the reformers, put together, have not been able to subdue it. Manu's Social System, Criminology of Brahminology, is like a parasite creeper (Amar Bel) thrown on Hinduism. As a matter of fact, the more the reformers tried to nurse the magnificent Hindu tree, the more the parasite creeper became greener and greener. It has sucked very vital of Vedic religion, criminalized, fragemented and fractured Hindu Society.

Manu, the self appointed Hindu law giver (like the present self appointed custodians of Hindu culture of RSS band) borrowed everything from foreign social systems and codified laws in his Smriti. The entire system is exogenous and exotic made exoteric by the priestly class by arrogating to itself the right of ritual purification. This self-appointed mystagogue "divinely ordained" his social system which created a priestly mafia with vice-like grip on Hindu mind and psyche.

Manu Smriti is an inhuman monument of India's terrible triple tragedy. It has dehumanised and despiritualised vast section of our society; it has created enmity between different Varnas or castes; and it has been the cuase of India's slavery of centuries. Moreover, all they tyrants of world history from Changez Khan to Hitler have not tyrannised the mankind as much as Manu's Varna system had made us devoid of manumision! Offsprings of the sea pirates who killed seamen and plundered their wealth have been civilised. Icons of Apartheid have been broken and champions of racial segregation in USA have become human beings. But here the priestly class without conscience, is hard to be humanised and Hinduised. Brahmanism and fascism are two sides of the same coin.

Even the word Hindu is exotic. People living in the east of River Sindhu were called Sindhus by Persians. In Persians letter S is pronounced H. Hence Sindhus became Hindus.

It is mix of irony and tragedy that every crime against humanity has the sanction of Dharma or stamp of spirituality.

It is interesting to note that Manu, in the first instance, allowed sub-castes or gotras ot Brahmins at random. It is not necessary that the Brahmins, who are Vasishths or Bhardwais are really the descendants of these sages. Anybody left out could become a Kashyap. It can be proved historically.

It is a false presumption that people with the sub-caste or gotra bearing same sage's appellation are the direct descendents of that sage. 

There is evidence that mass conversions had taken place before the Varna System came into being.

More than 99.9 % Brahmins are neither Aryans nor they are the descendants of Rishis after whose name they claim their origins.

It is also evident that the before these Rishis there was no caste system.

Social Reforms

In the Bhakti period, Hindu and Sufi Saints tried to break the barriers of caste system. What Saints like Nanak, Kabir and Ravidas did was undone by Tulsidas with women and Shudra-bashing.

In modern times many social reformers did try to loosen the steel frame of caste system and its inexorable laws. Rajaram Mohan Roy, Davindranath Tagore and Rabindranath Tagore had to face social ostracism with stoic silence. Ranade was excommunicated by the Shankaracharya. Swami Dayanand was denounced untouchability and caste system was administered poison. Survival of Hinduism is mainly due to these social reformers who were mainly Brahmins but with conscience. When Gandhi ji started a movement against untouchability, he was received with black flags, brickbats and shower of abuses. ..Orthodox Hindus denounced Gandhi ji and declared him a threat to Hinduism.

Historically speaking Manu does not recogise Dalits (untouchables) as Hindus. He refuses to have fifth Varna. He speaks of them as Varna-Bah'yas, those outside the Varna system. That is the reason no reform is successful. When Dalits are not a part of Hindu society, they remain separate and segregated. Ainapure Shastri, leader of the orthodox Hindus said that the Untouchables were related to Hindus as a man is related to his shoe. "Attachment and detachment can't be said to form part of one whole." A Dalit is like a woman - paer ki juti, a footwear.

Caste system is a forced segregation, not a choice. The concept of ritual purity-pollution is unethical. To expect ritual purity from a person who is denied education and spiritual evolution, is not only morally wrong, it shows social and moral bankruptcy. Moreover, ritual purity of outward, inward is moral purity.

The morality is not the concern of gods and  beasts. When Brahmins declared themselves as gods on earth, they exempted themselves from any censure and notion of morality. Moreover, Manu arms Brahmins with an enabling clause as well as with an escape clause.  A Brahmin can do any thing immoral and remain a Brahmin. If he learns Persian and becomes a Maulvi in a Mosque he is still a Brahmin. If the Brahmin minister of Nizam of Hyderabad offers mandatory Namaz five times a day, once out of palace gate, he becomes a Brahmin again.

The Myth of Purity of Blood

To defend caste system to maintain purity of blood is a myth and that myth is exploded by the word Chandel - a product of the union between a Brahmin woman and Shudra father. Human nature is as it is, no race on earth has been able to maintain purity of blood, India is no exception. D.R. Bhandarkar in his paper Foreign Elements in Hindu Population, says, "There is hardly a class or caste in India which has not a foreign strain in it. There is admixture of alien blood not only among the warrior classes - Rajputs and Marathas - but also among Brahmins who are under happy delusion that they are free from all foreign elements."

In the same way, Brahmanical concept of pollution has polluted all other religions. As a matter of fact Brahmanism is a cosmic pollutent. It pollutes every faith it comes in contact with. Caste is an anathema to Christianity, Islam and Sikhism. But Chaturvarna needle, used unsterillized has injected contagious and poisonous caste germ in them in India.

Who are Dalits?

In the initial stage, members of one family belonging to different Varna were living together under one roof. It was the Gurukul system, which created the problem. In the Gurukuls, the wards were given the gradation according to their aptitude, ability and proficiency which determined their Varna. Giving sacred thread and the performance of Upananya Ceremony, were Guru's right. Whether it was by design or by manipulation, after some time people were placed in the category of Brahmins, apprehending their wards being graded as Shudra, arrogated to themselves the right to give sacred thread and perform Upananya ceremony. After sometime, the Varna came to be based on birth and not on worth.

People who revolted against this system were kept out of the Varna-system. They were deprived of three rights - right to education, right to own property and right to hold arms. It produced social, mental, moral and psychological degradation. Deprived of the right to own property, they had to depend on others for their livelihood reducing them to dehumanized destitutes. 

According to Dr Ambedkar, Shudras were one of the Aryan communities of the solar race, they were part of Indo-Aryan society; there was a time there were three Varnas and Shudra were part of Kshatriyas. There was continuous feud between Kshatriyas and Brahmins in which Kshatriyas committed atrocities on Brahmins. There was hatred between both the communities and Brahmins refused to invest Shudra with sacred thread.

It is just possible that some of the defeated tribes whom priestly class wanted to use as menial workers were kept outside of the Varna system. There is a classical example of Chauhans. After the defeat of Prithvi Raj at the battle of Tarain in 1192, Ghori king kept in captivity some of his soldiers as prisoners who were not accepted back in Hindu fold as they had been touched by the Muslims. There are many Chauhans among Dalits.

Any man who was excommunicated from his Varna for any reason was welcome in the category of untouchables. It is also possible that in Post-Mauryan period, people who opposed reimposition of caste system were forced to do menial or mechnical jobs. Monopoly in profession seems to be post Mauryan concept that became the cause of India's slavery.

NOW, new research in the field of human genome has proved that all human come from one single parentage. Will it change our system? Let us hope.

One thing is certain in democracy. More the noose of the caste system gets tightened, more is the revolt against the hegemonic system. Now, people know that the Purush Sukta has no scientific basis and it is an interpolation, deceit and stigma on Hindu society. There is no basis of Purush Sukta. It is pseudo-scientific gibberish!

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Saffron Fascism - Counter Revolution

  By Shyam Chand

Book Excepts. Translation is mine.

India before RSS

Before we take up the formation of RSS, let us trace the social and religious history of India preceding that period.

Rajaram Mohan Roy founded his Brahmo Samaj in 1828 in the spirit of true service to God. "The true way of serving God is to good to man." 

"My continued controversies with the Brahmins (he himself was a Brahman) on the subject of their idolatry and superstition, and my interference with their custom of burning widows and other pernicious practices, revived and increased their animosity against me with renewed force... The ground, which I took in all my controversies was not that of opposition of Brahmanism, but to a perversion of it; and I endeavoured to show that idolatry pf the Brahmins was contrary to the practice of their ancestors, and the principles of the ancient books and authorities, which they profess to revere and obey."

Rajaram Mohan Roy, known as the Father of Modern India, asked his fellow Hindus, "in what manner is the soul absorbed in the deity? What relation does it bear to the Divine Essence? Nor will youths be fitted to be better members of society by which the Vedantic doctrines, which teach them to believe that all visible things have no real existence; that as father, brother, etc., have no actual entity, they consequently deserve no real affection, and therefore, the sooner we escape from them and leave the world the better."

Swami Dayanand Saraswati, a Brahmin, founded Arya Samaj in North India. He said, "Idol worship is not sanctioned by the Vedas, nor is untouchability, nor child-marriage, nor subjection of women to unequal with men. The study of Vedas should be open to all, not just to Brahmins, and a man's caste should be in accordance with his merits."

 Hidden Agenda

In their book, "Brotherhood In Saffron", Walter K. Anderson and Shridhar D. Damle, have mentioned that: "Brahmins the founding members of the RSS, were four in number which is usually considered to be no good figure for the Hindus. They were Dr. Hedgewar, B. S. Munje, Baharao Savarkar (Brother of Vinayak Savarkar) and B. B. Thalkar. They recruited young Brahmins graduates fresh from colleges for the services of their community. When the number reached ninety-nine, they assembled in a forest (!!) to take some esoteric oath which is a mystery till today!. It is surprising why the oath was taken in a forest away from the city. What transpired between the activists of RSS; what was cooked; and what was served, RSS still keeps it a well-guarded secret! This is known as "hidden agenda". 

Dr. Ambedkar writes, " Nazis trace their ancestry from Nietzsche and regard him as their spiritual parent. Hitler has himself photographed beside a bust of Nietzsche; he takes the manuscripts of the master under his own guardianship; extracts are chosen from Nietzsche's writings and loudly proclaimed at the ceremonies of Nazism, as the New German Faith. Nor is the claim by the Nazis' spiritual ancestry with Nietzsche denied by his near relations. Nietzsche's own cousin Richard Ochler approvingly says that Nietzsche's thought is Hitler in action and that Nietzsche was foremost pioneer of the Nazi accession to power."

There is only difference between Manu and Nietzsche. Manu's superman (Brahmin) is by birth and Nietasche's superman is by worth.

Neither Nietzsche, nor Hitler realized that Manu's social philosophy was inhuman, immoral, vicious and divisive which one day would tear apart the Germany and India as well. But superman appealed to Hitler and inspired him. Thus Hitler's Nazism is based on Manusmriti.

The very idea of RSS is shrouded in shrewed, solipsistic sophistry. It is a camouflage for Brahmanism. Brahmanism, which is masquerading as Hindutava and which is its turn is masquerading as cultural nationalism. National, from the Hitler's Party, stands for Rashtriya. Hitler's S.S. for Swayamsevak Sangh. Siff hand salute and Swastika are Nazis symbols.

Hitler's contempt for Jews matches RSS contempt for minorities.

Like Hilter's S.S., Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal are saffron hard liners to enforce 'Hilter's moral and ethical laws'.

Hitler's dream of Pan-German is the real inspiration to RSS concept of Akhand Bharat - India from Iran to Malaysia and from Tibet to Sri Lanka - conveying ominous and inauspicious portetents, but nonetheless good enough to exploit the gullibles.

In theory anybody could join RSS, provided he conformed to the "behavioural standard considered proper by RSS leaders."  Those standards continue to reflect to a large extent, the Maharastrian Brahmin values of the founders of RSS. Brahmanical values of RSS were 'Priestly' and 'Kingly'. These Brahmins were still basking in the reflected glory of Peshwas who in their later times reduced the Dalits to a miserable condition, worse than that of animals. RSS made full use of Hinduism in northern India as it used Brahmanism in Maharashtra.

When Hindu Mahasabha organized civil disobedience movement (1938-39) against the repressive measures against Hindus taken by the Nizam of Hyderabad, Dr. Hedgewar refused to lend support to the Hindu cause under the pretext that it was a cultural organization. No doubt, Savarkar was constrained to say, "The epitah of the RSS volunteer will be that he was born, he joined RSS and died without accomplishing anything."

Patriotism, nationalism and Bharat Mata are the very patriotic words RSS activists utter with every breath. The history of RSS is that of treason against India. RSS remained aloof during Quit India movement. Dr. Hedgewar gave full support to the British. Golwalkar says, "Anti-Britishism is equated with Patriotism." Well said! RSS was afraid of ban on its activities and it kept 'its work clearly within bounds of law as every law abiding institution should.'

RSS did not fight or raise its voice against the Partition of India. On the other hand, its counter part and equally most communal organization, Jamaat-e-Islami, under Maulana Mas'udi along with his softas, at least opposed the two-nation theory of Savarkar with Jinnah adopted.

Hypocrisy! Thy name is RSS!

There are some questions, which RSS owes the nation to answer. RSS defines Hindutava as cultural nationalism. Did cultural nationalism prevent RSS to defend Hindus in Hyderabad against the Nizam's atrocity? Did allegiace to British Crown form part of RSS culture? Was fight against the partition of country not included in its concept of Akhand Bharat? is hatred against the minories part of RSS culture?

Any impartial observer would come to the conclusion that the fear of ban on RSS kept it away from freedom struggle. Inaction is also action, says Gita. Moreover, bullying tactics are an integral part of RSS. A bully is a person who touches the feet of the powerful and kicks the weak.

Why Golwalkar makes a reference to some Muslim elected to Punjab Legislative Assembly in 1957. This alone Muslim was Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, nicknamed Frontier Gandhi, a staunch congressman, a staunch Muslim, he fought for the freedom of the country and gone to jail when Golwalkar and his RSS were hiding in their sectarian pigeon hole at Nagpur. He was also elected in 1962 and again in 1968 to Haryana Vidhan Sabha and was industry minister in first Bansi Lal government. He was very honest and an amiable person. It is a matter of pride and privilege for me that I happened to be his colleague.

Two years before Jinnah came out with Savarkar's Two-nation theory in 1940, Golwalker in 1938 wrote, "The non-Hindu people in Hindustan, must either adopt Hindu culture and language, must learn to respect and hold in reverence the Hindu religion, must entertain no ideas, but those of glorification of the Hindu race as culture. .. may stay in the country wholly, subordinated to the Hindu nation, claiming nothing, deserving no privileges, far less any preferential treatment - not even citizen's rights."

 Dr. Mukerjee's successor was Muli Chandra Sharma, a Delhi Lawyer whose only qualification was that he was son of MM Sharma, a prominent member of Hindu Maha Sabha, who opposed the resolution of Savarkar and Pt Madan Mohan Malviya to erase out untouchability and treat Dalits at par with Hindus. But Muli Chandra Sharma was a man of different doxy. Before he resigned as president of Bhartiya Jan Sangh he exposed RSS hypocrisy by declaring that RSS has no commitment to secular nationalism and democracy! Even a senior leader, Balraj Madhok alleged a "fascist attitude within the Jan Sangh".

 Brahmanism and fascism are the trademarks of RSS. When RSS people talk of Hindutava, patriotism and Akhand Bharat, one is apt to say:

Their double speak, double dealing, deceit and doring,

Can put to shame, in their grave, even Geobbel and Gering.


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Saffron Fascism by Shyam Chand



  1. Introduction
  2. Counter Revolution
  3. Caste System - An Exotic Concept
  4. Exploiting Rama and Krishna
  5. Assassination of the Mahatma
  6. Misappropriation of National Symbols
  7. God's Wrath
  8. Culture Uncultivated
  9. Punch in Thought
  10. Vedic Lores, Not Scientific
  11. RSS and Fascism
  12. Nation on Rajor's Edge
  13. The Day After
  14. Bibliography.

Introduction >>

Saffron Fascism - Introduction


 By Shyam Chand

 Book excerpts. Hindi translation is mine.

I am not a historian, nor do I claim to be a writer of any standing. In my small effort I have tried to analyse the events as I perceive them. My perceptions based on historical facts and apprehensions, have proved genuine when analysed in the backdrop of state sponsored genocide in Gujarat.

I have traced the history of RSS which is founded by four Brahmin members against the backlash of Non-Brahmin Movement. Its Hindutava is nothing but the Brahmanical thrust given to the spiritual heritage, we got as a gift of the genius of some thinkers, who were free from the lethal biases and prejudices, RSS now legitimize.

Hindutava as culture nationalism, RSS claims to protect and defend, is to dissimulate its most uncultured communalism and subversive activities against the State under its badge of pseudo-nationalism.

RSS is a fascist mafia. According to Tagore, fascism is "an exact counterpart" Brahmanism. RSS brings before our mind very distribing similarities with Hitlar's Nazism. Hitlar was inspired, through Nietzsche, by Manusmriti and Manu's superman (Brahmin) imposing his will on the weak.

 RSS is an organized hypocrisy practicing vice but praising virtue; an institutionalized terrorism forcing its will on the weaker sections of the society, an criminalized communalism dividing the society between Hindus and minorities on the one hand and the one caste against the other by its subversive activities, and a mythological falsehood invoking antediluvian supernatural elements on the one hand and drawing inspiration from Goebbels to touch upon "the baset instincts of man and cover them with nobility."

Nehru described Jan Sangh (now BJP) as an illegal child of RSS. This "illegal child" exposed the deciet of RSS of being only a cultural organization.

Double-speak, double standard and deceit as the traits of RSS. 

When more than 75% Indians are Hindus, there is no need for any self appointed mafia to protect Hindu culture. RSS is a parasite creeper on Indian society sucking its very vitals. When these vendors of Hindutava close their shop, all fundamentalist organizations would go out of business.

RSS like fascism does not have a conscience. It does not have soul either. It is hate against all the sections of the society that runs though its veins (See it's secret circular no. 411 in the chapter RSS and Fascism.)

With the rise of RSS, there is a corresponding increase in the corruption, communalism, crimes, atrocities against women. Murders, Ruffians, Scamsters and Scoundrels now call the shot.

Nehru described RSS as "anti national", "communal", "violent" and "subversive". He did not foresee any danger to the unity and integrity of India from communalism but from Hindu fundamentalism masquerading as Hindutava which in fact is anti-Hinduism, anti-Hindu culture and anti-natonal. State sponsored genocide in Gujarat and demolition of Babri Masjid have vindicated Nehru.

RSS is the child of Hitler's Nazism. Hitler wrote Mein Kempf and put his agenda before people of Germany. He was mad and his madness was equally and quickly matched with the madness of the people of Germany. RSS has hidden agenda and its madness is now being matched with the madness of the Hindutava fanatics.

Primay objective of fascism is to grab power at any cost - Nation, Humanity and Peace. RSS like fascism has inherent cannibalistic instincts. Germans and their justice could not stop Hitler from committing crimes against humanity and destroyed Germany. German justice allowed Hitler to be the greatest scourge of mankind. In India, criminals of Babri Masjid are beyond the reach of law.

Today India is facing with the twin menace of terrorism - terrorism from across the border and terrorism of twin menance of Hindutava and Muslim fundamentalisms at home. We have to fight every menace for our future generations and for winning place of pride for India in the comity of nations.

Today, the situation is alarming. Farmers are committing suicide. The poor are dying of starvation. Both were prime agents, aided by our agriculture scientists for bringing the green revolution and saving India from shame of carrying begging bowls in her hand.

The masses need education, health, housing and jobs to contribute to the national development and increase their purchasing power.

I earnestly appeal to all the saner and secular elements in the society to come forward to challenge and confront the menace of dual fundamentalism. Let us take pledge to build a new India of the dreams of our freedom fighters who behind the bars in the dark of dungeons dreamt for a "New Dawn" for us.

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