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Saffron Fascism - Introduction


 By Shyam Chand

 Book excerpts. Hindi translation is mine.

I am not a historian, nor do I claim to be a writer of any standing. In my small effort I have tried to analyse the events as I perceive them. My perceptions based on historical facts and apprehensions, have proved genuine when analysed in the backdrop of state sponsored genocide in Gujarat.

I have traced the history of RSS which is founded by four Brahmin members against the backlash of Non-Brahmin Movement. Its Hindutava is nothing but the Brahmanical thrust given to the spiritual heritage, we got as a gift of the genius of some thinkers, who were free from the lethal biases and prejudices, RSS now legitimize.

Hindutava as culture nationalism, RSS claims to protect and defend, is to dissimulate its most uncultured communalism and subversive activities against the State under its badge of pseudo-nationalism.

RSS is a fascist mafia. According to Tagore, fascism is "an exact counterpart" Brahmanism. RSS brings before our mind very distribing similarities with Hitlar's Nazism. Hitlar was inspired, through Nietzsche, by Manusmriti and Manu's superman (Brahmin) imposing his will on the weak.

 RSS is an organized hypocrisy practicing vice but praising virtue; an institutionalized terrorism forcing its will on the weaker sections of the society, an criminalized communalism dividing the society between Hindus and minorities on the one hand and the one caste against the other by its subversive activities, and a mythological falsehood invoking antediluvian supernatural elements on the one hand and drawing inspiration from Goebbels to touch upon "the baset instincts of man and cover them with nobility."

Nehru described Jan Sangh (now BJP) as an illegal child of RSS. This "illegal child" exposed the deciet of RSS of being only a cultural organization.

Double-speak, double standard and deceit as the traits of RSS. 

When more than 75% Indians are Hindus, there is no need for any self appointed mafia to protect Hindu culture. RSS is a parasite creeper on Indian society sucking its very vitals. When these vendors of Hindutava close their shop, all fundamentalist organizations would go out of business.

RSS like fascism does not have a conscience. It does not have soul either. It is hate against all the sections of the society that runs though its veins (See it's secret circular no. 411 in the chapter RSS and Fascism.)

With the rise of RSS, there is a corresponding increase in the corruption, communalism, crimes, atrocities against women. Murders, Ruffians, Scamsters and Scoundrels now call the shot.

Nehru described RSS as "anti national", "communal", "violent" and "subversive". He did not foresee any danger to the unity and integrity of India from communalism but from Hindu fundamentalism masquerading as Hindutava which in fact is anti-Hinduism, anti-Hindu culture and anti-natonal. State sponsored genocide in Gujarat and demolition of Babri Masjid have vindicated Nehru.

RSS is the child of Hitler's Nazism. Hitler wrote Mein Kempf and put his agenda before people of Germany. He was mad and his madness was equally and quickly matched with the madness of the people of Germany. RSS has hidden agenda and its madness is now being matched with the madness of the Hindutava fanatics.

Primay objective of fascism is to grab power at any cost - Nation, Humanity and Peace. RSS like fascism has inherent cannibalistic instincts. Germans and their justice could not stop Hitler from committing crimes against humanity and destroyed Germany. German justice allowed Hitler to be the greatest scourge of mankind. In India, criminals of Babri Masjid are beyond the reach of law.

Today India is facing with the twin menace of terrorism - terrorism from across the border and terrorism of twin menance of Hindutava and Muslim fundamentalisms at home. We have to fight every menace for our future generations and for winning place of pride for India in the comity of nations.

Today, the situation is alarming. Farmers are committing suicide. The poor are dying of starvation. Both were prime agents, aided by our agriculture scientists for bringing the green revolution and saving India from shame of carrying begging bowls in her hand.

The masses need education, health, housing and jobs to contribute to the national development and increase their purchasing power.

I earnestly appeal to all the saner and secular elements in the society to come forward to challenge and confront the menace of dual fundamentalism. Let us take pledge to build a new India of the dreams of our freedom fighters who behind the bars in the dark of dungeons dreamt for a "New Dawn" for us.

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